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"Our goal is to provide an attractive and engaging format in which to set a clear and uncompromising gospel presentation"

Barry Sprott (Founder)


Evangelistic literature that people are likely to read.

TELit@OPAL design, produce and publish evangelistic leaflets in a wide range of titles, suitable for all ages, interests and occasions. 

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The new folder for Christmas is called 'It's all in the Name'. It can be used in place of a Christmas card for friends who are not Christians yet.

This year you can add  typewritten contact details or a handwritten message on the folders.The same overprinting charge is applicable to both options. Put it on a white unfolded piece of paper in a good fine felt tip or broad pen. Keep the printed area to 80mm by 80mm.

There is plenty of stock of newer Christmas titles, but limited stock of the older ones, so order early if you have a particular title in mind.

Could you use the Harvest and Halloween folders to reach people in your area?

Could you use the folder 'Someone's knocking on your door' for door to door visitation? Knock on some doors and pass on the news of the best gift ever.

Do you work with immigrants? Contact the office to find out what literature is available for your language group.

The office will be closed from 14th-18th October 2019.

Would you add a link to the TELit website on your church website? It would help when others are searching for good evangelistic literature.

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TELit Tips
General Travel
Perhaps as never before we are a people on the move. Whether by car or coach, bus or train, we seem to spend an increasing proportion of our waking hours travelling. Much of this of course we do in short bursts, quite anonymously, simply getting from A to B. However, from time to time, we may be called upon to make a longer journey, perhaps with a friend or work colleague and in such situations the potential for personal evangelism increases. On such occasions, an attractive piece of evangelistic literature may be the ideal thing to leave with our travelling companion when we go our separate ways.

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