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Many of us do not find it easy to speak to others about the gospel. We need something to initiate the conversation and sometimes there is only the opportunity to speak a few words. The person contacted can then read a folder in their own time, and without distraction or pressure.

Every publication is not only a ‘messenger’ but also an ‘ambassador’, so a folder reflects the quality of the message through the quality of the design and it’s presentation. It needs to be of better quality than the menu from the local takeaway. I have never yet got an invitation to a wedding on the back of an envelope. This message is much more important! In a day when many could be described as ‘headline scanners’ rather than real readers, this approach has been proven to work well.

The 8 page folder is printed on thick paper; is twice the length of a tract; has clearly spaced out text; is bright and colourful; engaging and topical; can be read in 5 minutes or less. Scripture, generally NIV, is used as the backbone; and covers the key elements of the gospel using the familiar –a place, event or some other feature of everyday life, to explain the unfamiliar in a way similar to the parables. The cover title and picture stop a contact from just putting the folder away; the introduction page draws them in by referring to their relevant subject and leads on to giving the answer to our problem. Then our problem and its consequences are outlined. The following pages relate to what the Lord Jesus has done for our salvation; encourage a response while recognising the cost involved and making it clear that the opportunity does not last for ever.

There are titles about Christmas, Easter, Harvest, emotions, sport, and everyday situations. Can you find a title that a contact can relate to? The range of themes makes the folders suitable for use within all kinds of outreach settings, and gives people the opportunity to ask for further help.

We offer the service to research, design, and produce, in conjunction with local Christians, customised folders for an area, church or event with pictures, services or other details. Finished copies can be produced in terms of ‘one off’ commissions as well as for ‘semi off the shelf’ (Which Way) availability, and whilst TELit retains the rights over each design, we nevertheless operate a flexible approach as far as printing arrangements are concerned. In some areas a number of churches have all agreed to use a folder designed for their area. The larger the volume, the cheaper it is for each copy. See ‘Our Church’ and ‘Which Way’ pages for more details and examples. If you would like to explore things further in relation to your own particular area, please contact us.

The titles on the catalogue will suggest many ways of passing on the gospel. See the Home page tips. If you have a suggestion for a title, and even photographs that could be of general interest, then do feel free to pass them on. If there is someone in your church or who you know, who would be able to use this type of literature do please let them know about it or if you would like us to contact someone else about it we are happy to do that. If you would like to be added to our mailing 3 times a year please let us know.

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